We help clients design strategies that will generate sustained sales; underpinned by era-leading marketing solutions in big business analytics, and data & consumer trends into new, diverse, fields during continued expansions, management, and monitoring of client brands to adjust for impactfulness as needed.


Aesthetic Communications and Advertising LLC has spent the past 5 years following shifts and adjustments of data / consumer models and tools. We bring a dedicated drive to succeed and unique innovations in data modeling for user interface & reporting that reach beyond the once thought imaginable through our unique partnerships with industry leaders


Our extensive research process tracking industry competitors, historic data models, trends, market share percentages, and ideal bidding & keyword strategies ensure your custom tailored brand / Market Audit will be as in depth and successful as possible deliver the immediate value our clients initially see and the steady growth they have come to expect.


We bring together more than 50+ years of combined expertise in branding, graphic and corporate design, audio & video service, website design, SEO, SEM, social media management & advertising, and public relations to ensure we are creating a vivid, compelling, hyper-relevant brand experiences for our clients, their consumers, and our communities.

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PHASE 1: Research

During the research phase we will take a closer look at all of the analytics, demographics, market trends and competitors.

To accomplish this we review historic data for how your customers interact with similar companies, digital & traditional content that is specific to your industry niche, while sorting through this data for demographics that define the audience your brand is most likely to resonate with and lead to sales conversions. to develop your brand’s “Big Idea” as a lens that brings all actions into focus.


PHASE 2: Brand Audit

A brand audit involves the assessment all the forms & materials of your brand such as your Internal Branding, External Branding, and Customer Experience.

In this phase of your long term strategy we review all of your current marketing, advertising, interactive collateral, and customer interactions through that “lens of your Big Idea.” This determines which items need adjusting to clarify your message and move toward your idea of success.


PHASE 3: 12-month Strategic Plan

This is the final phase in our long term strategic planning method and start to put things in an order that makes sense and is easy to understand and visualize the impact that will result from the plan.

The purpose of putting this strategic plan is to determine a clear and concise course of action and the steps required to get there.

We set up a plan specifically tailored to each of our clients that incorporates a detailed list of goals, a budget and how to focus on the long term impact, and the research from the above phases on the business’s past performance, market and growth potential. These factors help us determine which services should be employed to reach the desired audience.

Long Term Strategy

The marketing environment for enterprises is undergoing major changes and giving way to a new diverse field full of immense potential with the ability to create incredibly pinpoint targeting know as – ”People Driven Marketing” or “Psycho-Demographics.” These changes require consistently following the flow and flux within these new models and sub-fields to meet the required adjustments rather than playing catch-up. As we face this paradigm shift from traditional marketing and advertising to a global acceptance of digitization the introduction of Psycho-Demographics (People Driven Marketing) has forever changed the way customers interact with companies.

At Aesthetic Communications and Advertising LLC we are constantly working to provide the most accurate long term strategies to our clients navigating the growing complexities within their industries during the consumer acquisition, retention, and interacting of their business personas. Working with industry leaders we have access to unique developmental processes and international endorsements to ensure the growth of your brand. Schedule an appointment with us today to discover how we can help you elevate your company.